User eXperience 101 Workshop – 2011

What is UX 101?

UX 101 is a hands-on, intensive workshop, held over three evenings in the first week of October 2011, in Research Triangle Park, NC. In the workshop, we’ll help you learn about—and practice—essential skills that user experience designers use to create better products, services, and Web sites.

What are people saying about the UX 101 workshop?

Here’s some feedback we received from people who attended our 2010 UX 101 workshop…

  • It helped me think about usability differently. Instead of, ‘dang, that is weird,’ or, ‘that doesn’t work,’ I now see how usability derives out of design principles.
  • It was great. I loved all the hands-on activities. They really gave everyone the opportunity to soak up the information and stay engaged throughout the workshop.
  • I learned valuable tips to take back to the workplace.
  • Exactly what I needed, and fun at the same time.
  • It was a productive, enlightening experience. I now feel I am better at my job than I was before the workshop. You covered an ideal blend of issues in the UX domain from organizational culture to concrete example approaches from in the trenches.
  • Awesome. It was a great mix of teaching and group activities. High level, but dived deep enough that you walk away with tools you can really use. Appropriate for people of all kinds of backgrounds. Well done!
  • It was a superb experience. I am a happy user.
  • I learned some great methods for using UX in my day-to-day workflow, gained confidence in being able to explain UX to clients, and gained a much greater appreciation for UX.

Take a look at some scenes from last year’s workshop…

Presented By

Rick Cecil, Jackson Fox and Abe Crystal of MoreBetterLabs

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  • Tuesday, October 4th
  • Wednesday, October 5th
  • Thursday, October 6th


RTP (location TBD)


UX 101 will be held “after hours!” – 5:00pm – 9:00pm each day.

We hope this schedule allows folks who are unable to escape pressing work commitments and meetings to attend the workshop.

We will provide snacks and drinks to keep you fueled!

What is user experience design?

User experience design is based around ease of use and content the customer not only wants, but needs. This makes the goal of user experience to be both pleasing and functional. Think about the products you love and what makes them so special. Chances are, these products strike that critical balance. There are many ways to create great designs, but UX 101 will introduce you to a set of core tools and methods to help you create better products and services.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to build a better product for their customers but isn’t familiar with the concepts and methods of great design. It doesn’t matter what your background is, this workshop will be engaging, hands-on, and fun! We welcome…

  • Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Developers
  • Project & Product Managers
  • Executives

…and anyone else who is interested in User Experience Design, and is looking for a practical introduction to the concepts and methods in the field!

Why should I attend?

This introduction to User Experience design will be useful to anyone who…

  • Wants to reduce risk and improve the ROI of your product development
  • UX strategy helps you identify the features that will deliver the most value for your customers and your organization
  • Wants to deliver products and services that meet customers’ needs
  • UX research helps you understand the context in which customers user your products and services, helping you design solutions that fit into your customer’s lives
  • Wants to create a product that is a “joy to use”
  • UX design methods help you explore more design options faster, and evaluate the effectiveness of those designs with real customers

What will I learn?

The workshop will give you an overview of User Experience Design as a practice and a culture, then walk you through some practical methods for designing better experiences.

Day 1 — Strategy: Product Planning, Brainstorming

Design strategy focuses on building the right product with the right features at the right time.

  • What is UX Design?
  • Defining a UX strategy
  • Business value and user value
  • Design/experience principles
  • Activity: Brainstorm design principles for your product

Day 2 — Research: Interviews, Data Analysis, Usability Testing

UX research focuses on understanding customer’s needs, their goals, and understanding how and when products are used.

  • Identifying research questions
  • Types of UX research
  • Interviews
  • Usability tests
  • Activity: Conduct a brief usability test of your website
  • Analyzing findings and presenting results

Day 3 — Design: Sketching, Storyboards, Workflows, Prototyping

Learn how to quickly generate design concepts, how to make sure everything fits into one cohesive experience, and efficient methods for getting feedback from customers.

  • Expressive design vs. functional design
  • The psychologist’s view of UX
  • Best practices
  • Using the right kind of design tool
  • Design patterns
  • Activity: Design a new wireframe for your home page
  • Information architecture

What if I’m not a designer?

It doesn’t matter what your role is: you contribute to creating a great experience for your customer. You can get even better at doing so by adopting user experience methods in your work.

Want to ask us a question?

Feel free to send Abe, Jackson or Rick an email ( or give us a call at (919) 593-6129.

I’m a User Experience professional, should I attend?

This course in an introduction to the methods and concepts in UX design. You can decide for yourself if any of these methods would be useful for you in your practice – and please get in touch if you have any specific questions!

About the Presenters

Abe Crystal, Ph.D., Jackson Fox, and Rick Cecil are principals at MoreBetterLabs, a small but fiesty company dedicated to creating a better Web through design.

We design and develop our first product, Ruzuku helps passionate experts (such as authors, speakers and coaches) create online learning communities.

Abe, Jackson, and Rick co-founded the Triangle Usability Professionals’ Association and enjoy sharing their knowledge of UX design with the community.


October 4, 5, 6
5pm - 9pm each day


iContact's office
5221 Paramount Parkway
Morrisville, NC 27560